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The company, Datakey Group retails computer hardware, software, office automation, POS systems, accessories and lifestyle products. Datakey-Direct is a division of Datakey Group (Est. in 1997), and falls under the holding company Datakey Communication Systems CC (Est. in 1992). Datakey-Direct (Est. in 2001), retails computer hardware, software, office automation, POS systems, accessories and lifestyle products.

Datakey Group has in 19 year's diversified its investment portfolio with specialist subsidiaries. These subsidiary companies trade in various sectors of the South African economy such as Information Technology, Injection Manufacturing, Fibre Optic Technology Management, Software Design-Development and Property Investments. Notably, the parent company Datakey Communication Systems cc also does trade and renders services in its own right/name from time to time.

Datakey Group is a proudly South African company as a holding company, whose formation was aimed at grouping various entities in the Datakey family stable. Part of our group holding is our own Business Park situated in Kempton Park, Guateng. The complex provides office space for 7 tenants and is our trophy investment in the Group. Our Head Office is situated in the beautiful Gordons Bay, Western Cape Province with an administration office based at Datakey Business Park in Kempton Park Guateng. Datakey Group is a member of the GBBF and the Unashamedly Ethical business initiative.

The owner and director of Datakey Group Mr. John L. Streicher have over 30 years’ experience in the Information Technology, Fibre Optic Cable Management, Manufacturing and Programming fields. As a company, Datakey Group prides itself in being a key solution driven provider and supplier of quality products and services to SMBE’s and End-users. We work closely with established, service driven suppliers and set up strategic partnerships with these companies through SLA agreements and contracts.

Our Vision

To be the cost-effective key solution provider of quality products and services and by adding value through competent consulting, facilitation, sourcing and supply.

Our Mission

To provide quality products and services at reasonable prices tough dedicated professional and attentive service to our business partners and our clients.


1992 - Injection & mould manufacturing (Datakey Manufacturing)

2000 - Datakey Business Park - (Commercial property & Rental)

2002 - Datakey Software Systems™ - (Website design & Software development)

2002 - Datakey PC Distribution™ - (Computer retail shop & Service LAB)

2009 - Datakey Reseller Zone™ - (Online Shop & E-Cart)

2010 - Datakey Nova™ (MiWay - Insurance Claim Advisors)

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Information Technology

Information Technology

Datakey Group is a 1'st tier systems integrator and distributor and as such we offer a wide range of quality Home, Office and Corporate equipment that include desktop computers, notebooks, servers, networking and power backup equipment at competitive pricing. No matter how big or small your requirement, Datakey Group will provide you with a solution to your IT hardware and software requirement. Datakey Group is a bespoke software solution provider, our programming skills extend but is not limited to website design, SEO services, applet development and corporate software development. We partner with international programmers and we are able to provide scalable web applications that solve real business problems, meticulously crafted interfaces for desktop, web and mobile platforms that your customers will love you for. We use industry-leading technology to transform your data into useful information, enabling you to do business better. No matter the brief, we ensure that every single project embodies usefulness, strategic thought, technical excellence and great design through quality, clarity and attention to detail. Let us help you design, build, test and deploy your next software project.

Injection Manufacturing

Injection Manufacturing

Datakey Group has been designing and manufacturing injection dies since the early 90's. Our products Stacker, Phoenix and Keybox were some of the first products we locally engineered and manufactured for the fibre-optic and reticulation cabling industry to international standards. Our Phoenix Kit has been a best seller for over 18 years and still commands a respectable market share in the fibre optic cable industry. Our factory based in Germiston on the East Rand is small but geared to manufacture for the local and international market. We manufacture with a range of materials that include but is not limited top, Nylon, PVC, Hydroscopic PVC, ABS, polypropylene and a range of UV stabilisers, fire retardant and low smoke emission additives as per ISO and CE specifications and requirements. Our clientele vary from one-man operations to international corporate clients. Our factory services include CNC manufacturing, spark erosion, refurbishment, manufacturing, packing and shipping. We also provide stock warehousing for smaller business clients and adhere to a strict confidentiality policy. For your next project consider contacting us.

Datakey Business Park

Commercial Rentals

Datakey Group owns it's own business park. The "Datakey Business Park" was developed in 2000 to provide a secure and professional work environment for our expanding business. The business park has a total of 7 individual business units that we lease to professional business with their main focus being administration. The business park also boasts a fully integrated retail shop that we lease to technology orientated business. Each business unit is fully integrated with secure access, intercom system, alarm system, kitchen and bathroom facilities, window blinding and UV shielding. All units have access control, undercover parking, and pre-paid electricity meters. A CCTV system also monitors the exterior of the business park and the interior of the shop. The Park is maintained on a weekly basis and a on-site supervisor does daily inspections. The park boasts beautiful manicured gardens and up-market facilities. Momentum financial advisors has been one of our anchor tenants for the last 8 years. See "Our Property" section for more information on Datakey Business Park where we also indicate if there is a vacancy available, however our tenants normally stay 2-5 years with us!